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Welcome to the  Auction of the Stars LIVE STREAMING

Auction Of The Stars brings together the equine talents of two significant breeding and equestrian training centres: Ryans (Heath and Rozzie Ryan), and Byalee (Ann-Maree Lourey). Both centers combine breeding with training and competition. Their breeding programs are shaped by their own experiences in the competition arena.

Full Rewatch will be available after the Presentation of horses on Saturday. 
Rewatches will be below the stream

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2018 December Performance Catalogue Online

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Some information from the Auction of the Stars Online bidding

If you are confused about the Online Bidding here are some step by step instructions that will hopefully make it easier .

1. Register as a User of the Website 

2. Activate your account 
You should receive and email from us that has an activation link, however if you don't please email info@auctionofthestars.com and we can activate it from this end.

3. Login to your account 

4. Once logged in you can view the entire catalogue here

5. When the Live Auction starts at approximately 1pm on Sunday the first lot will appear on the Live Auction tab and bidding can commence. 

6. Place bids by clicking 'Quick Bid' or entering a bid value in the 'Open Bid' box.

7. Once the bidding has ended the winner of the lot will be announced in the 'Bidding Area' and then the next Lot up will be loaded when it comes into the arena.

8. If you win the bidding you should get a conformation email from us immediately after the bidding closes on that item and then will we be in contact to arrange payment and delivery in the next 24 hours.

9. If you have any questions or issues please call or text Cathryn on 0447008470 or email info@auctionofthestars.com