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• 2015 Auction of the Stars Results

An amazing day at Auction of the Stars today - 38 degrees and the bidding was hot as well!

It would appear that a new record was set for AOS after almost 15 years, with Byalee Breathless selling for $66,000 plus GST, a total of $72,600 - and in recognition of his talent and training, he was bought by an established and successful Grand Prix rider - we wish her every success! Ironically, this same horse was passed in at AOS in 2010 for just $11,000 as an unbroken youngster, proving that the horses offered by AOS are most definitely some of the best in the country. There must be some people today wishing they had put their hand up five years ago!!

Auction of the Stars is the longest-running, most successful performance horse auction company in Australia, and directors Heath Ryan and Ann-Maree Lourey ensure that it is continually evolving, as the equestrian industry grows and changes both here and overseas. We have had riding horse auctions, foal auctions, mixed auctions, constantly experimenting to continue to improve. There are dressage masterclasses and jumping masterclasses. And this weekend there were bargains to be had - when Heath Ryan decides that there really are NOT enough hours in the day to break in and ride 70+ foals a year, there is the unique chance to buy quality broodmares with the most wonderful pedigrees and at wonderful prices! And there were baby riding horses at great prices, and service fees at discounts that made the breeders happy!

Regardez Moi was the grandest old man at age 19, with stablemate Jive Magic making a guest appearance, and baby Questing R showed just how the young AOS stallions improve as they grow and progress in their training.

Happiest of all were the winners of the lucky door prizes, with top prize being a free service fee to the AOS stallion of their choice - with 8 to choose from, what a choice!

The results of today's sales, which saw horses sold to almost every State in Australia, were as follows:

Lot A $1100 and $1000
Lot B $800 and $750
Lot C $950 and $900
Lot D $900 and $1025
Lot E $700 and $700
Lot F $1100 and $1050 
Lot G $475 and $475
Lot H $1225 and $1050

Lot 1 passed in $50,000
Lot 2 sold $5900
Lot 3 passed in $3750
Lot 4 sold $66000
Lot 5 passed in $5000
Lot 6 withdrawn due to bereavement in family - still for sale
Lot 7 sold $12,500
Lot 8 passed in $9750
Lot 9 passed in due to injury - for sale when back in work
Lot 10 sold $7600
Lot 11 passed in $23,000
Lot 12 passed in $4000
Lot 13 sold $8000
Lot 14 sold $11,500
Lot 15 passed in $12,500
Lot 16 passed in $8000
Lot 17 passed in $32,000
Lot 18 sold $8400
Lot 19 withdrawn due to injury, sold $12,000 pending 
Lot 20 sold $10,000
Lot 21 sold $10,000
Lot 22 sold $5500
Lot 23 sold $12,700
Lot 24 passed in $7000
Lot 25 sold $9000
Lot 26 sold $5750
Lot 27 sold $5600
Lot 28 sold $9000
Lot 29 $12,250
Lot 30 sold $7250
Lot 31 withdrawn
Lot 32 passed in $4000
Lot 33 withdrawn due to medical condition - still for sale
Lot 34 passed in $7500
Lot 35 passed in $8000
Lot 36 passed in $11,000? 
Lot 37 passed in $7000
Lot 38 withdrawn due to minor injury - still for sale 
Lot 39 sold $6000

A special thanks to all the people who come together to make the Auction of the Stars team so special - auctioneer extraordinaire Andrew Hearn, who is always on hand with Grand Prix riding wife Sue to help it all run smoothly; our number one spotter Jeff Sharpe, who has been at every auction for more years than we can count; Simon Ryan, and all the other Ryans who throw themselves at any and every task; Jake, our amazing soundman, who listens to every word we speak all weekend to ensure we are crystal clear; Jenny Lamb and Leanne Tillitzki who, together with Rozzie Ryan, lead an incredible band of workers to keep the office and VIP area under control as Heath and I throw spanners in the works at regular intervals; the whole Clarke family who, with daughters Jess and Jazz, give up weekends of their lives to help our freeschooling and trialling go smoothly; Bruce McVey and Jonah Bevan who, again with a host of helpers, front up to man our Saturday night sizzle; Abigail Croyston, who has the unenviable task of marshalling the troops to ensure that every horse hits the ring on time and avoids the wrath of Ryan; the vendors and their grooms who are up and about at 4.30am to perfect their presentations; the myriad of working pupils and work experience pupils and staff who support Ryans and Byalee on the biggest weekend of the year ... literally hundreds of man hours go into the preparation and execution of every Auction of the Stars, from decorating the arena to filling the temporary stables to printing out the lot numbers, to fitting together the VIP table jigsaw puzzle!! So very many people help us to help buyers achieve their dreams.

And a special thanks to our sponsors: IRT Insurance, which has come on board with beautiful saddlecloths and engraved halters for each and every horse we ride and sell - both Ryans and Byalee have used IRT to transport our horses internationally and we wouldn't use anyone else! Cheryl Dodd was on hand all weekend to help us our, thanks Cheryl! Prydes, who clothed us in flash new t-shirts to keep our massive team looking smart, as well as contributing 20 bags of feed as lucky door prizes ... Tuffrock, whose amazing products work wonders for us all (again, donating lucky door prizes) ... Horse Deals magazine, which couldn't do more to help promote our stallions, our auctions and our horses (there were plenty of magazines around to read if Heath's magic wore off, plus a great lucky door prize of goodies, thanks Michelle and your creative team!), and Wholly Relics, a fascinating antique shop on the highway at East Maitland opposite Maitland Toyota - congratulations to the lucky winner of our annual lucky door prize, an antique ruby stock pin!!! Make sure you call in to see a glimpse of the past!

Thanks also to: 
Wild Colt for the live streaming - so many people called and texted after going online
Equissage - improving performance and recovery
Horse Force - supplying Auction of the Stars with legal contracts 
Foalsafe foaling and colic alarms - tested at Byalee Stables and we cannot recommend them highly enough 
Kirkwoods Produce - shop local here in the Hunter and support the people who support Auction of the Stars

And don't forget next year's auctions are planned for July 2016 and December 2016 

See you next year!!

Results proudly provided by Earle from Auction of the Stars - Facebook Page