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We hope you are enjoying our live stream
Please check this troubleshooting list for help with watching the webcast across devices.

When playing, shown at the bottom of the screen are the letters HD > Click on these to bring up quality settings. You may need to drop down to Low depending on your internet connection or how many people on your bandwith network. Particularly in high volume times and areas. 

CHROME is our recommended browser

***PC Users, PLEASE use Chrome with all the latest updates for best viewing!

Please Email all issues Contact US

You can text 0414 565 628 or 0472 998 347 - please include your name and location when contacting us.

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6. I have a Smart TV - how can I watch?

7. I can hear two lots of audio? Is that common?

8. I'm having trouble on my device, how can I watch?

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